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Fr. Alfred BoeddekerWHO WE ARE

La Madre De Los Pobres is a non-profit charity established in 1982 by the late Franciscan Father Alfred Boeddeker, founder of San Francisco's famed St. Anthony's Dining Room. His dream was to "feed to poor of all faiths worldwide – their bodies and their souls."

Dr. Francis Curry served as Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. He helped found the Saint Anthony medical clinic to support the poor and homeless, and later served as volunteer director. Dr. Curry, also a founding member of La Madre, brought his concern for community health.

Board members Frank Clark and Bob Fouts in their careers with the Department of Health Education and Welfare, had expertise in communications and refugee relief services to Africa with the Rescue Now agency.

For 30 years, La Madre has woven service and experience together to find and deliver resources to thousands of people in over 30 countries.


Our organization raises funds for the poor and needy worldwide. We send money directly to Missionaries and Volunteers who work directly in impoverished countries. We make certain that every penny is spent to feed and care for the poor.

La Madre De Los Pobres also provides maternal and child health care services, as well as communications equipment for remote missions located in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Since its inception, La Madre De Los Pobres has funded programs worldwide, spanning the globe from Albania and Nepal, to Guatemala and Zambia.

Based out of Saints Peter and Paul Church, located on Washington Square in San Francisco, California, La Madre De Los Pobres is a 501(c)(3) charity organization administered completely by volunteers. There is no paid staff, so over 95% of the funds go directly to those in need through Missionary Priests, Nuns and Volunteers.



Fr. Efrem Trettel OFM, Chairman Emeritus
Frank Clark, President Pro Tem
Paul Crudo, DDS
Richard Engelhardt
Kathy Woeber Gardner, Esq.
Gregory Gollnick, Treasurer
Fr. Jean Paul Guillet, PME
Gabrielle Saveri


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