Hundreds of used and new reader eye glasses and sun glasses donated by friends of the La Madre de Los Pobres Foundation are making daily tasks clear and visible again for people in the Ghimbi area in western Ethiopia.

On behalf of the thrilled and grateful recipients, we thank the Olympic Club and San Francisco Private Dining Venues friends of Tracy Rice.

Aging eyes around the world can use a little assist. And eyes of every age benefit by having protection from the intense African sun. In Ethiopia such things as simple magnification glasses and sun glasses remain immensely rare for the poor majority. Both lack of availability and expense far overshadow need.

Testing new glasses – Sister Beryl and Lalise fitting a neighbor with reading glasses.

Two La Madre volunteers, Patrice Kavanaugh and Peter Wise gather, sort, carefully pack, and then carry hundreds of pairs of glasses on their trips to Ghimbi, Ethiopia where they teach computer training and English at two Catholic schools, help with water and maintenance projects, and of course fit glasses for parents, teachers, kids, and neighbors of the two schools.

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