Joan Hoffman MD did not expect to start fundraising after her volunteer experience.

Joan volunteered at Gimbie Adventist Health Science College, Gimbie, Ethiopia in May 2017. After returning home, she began fundraising for student lab techs’ partial tuition assistance.

While “passing around a hat” was a first-time activity, Joan personalized each student’s request and is blessed with kind and generous friends. One couple from Ethiopia were immigrants to the United States with a lifetime commitment to give back to their country. They have sponsored several students while another group of donors hailed from Joan’s medical school study group.

One special couple opened their hearts to sponsor 6 people. Another remarkable neighbor sponsored tuition for four students and embraces our belief that “We are all one.”

Thanks to Joan and her friends, many young people will realize their future dreams.

Mary Clark CFNP invited former colleagues from the West Marin group of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Midwives to consider partial tuition assistance for the 19 midwife students at the three-year GAH Health Science College. They responded with generous support and said they were grateful for the opportunity to help Ethiopian midwife students.

Gimbie, Ethiopia


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