Round and round, up and down. Smile and repeat.

We support children in many parts of the developing world. Education is a cornerstone of determining one’s future. For the kids lucky enough to attend a school, burning off energy, sharing, and of course having fun makes for a well-rounded day of learning. Teachers love that the kids are less fidgety during class time.

La Madre de Los Pobres has helped St. Mary’s school transform its simple and well used playground from a resting place of worn out equipment to a renewed beehive of laughter and smiles. This equipment and more was installed over several months this past spring and summer. As is our practice wherever we allocate funds, a volunteer or two will visit the sight to verify that our donations, your donations, are used properly. La Madre volunteers will visit Ghimbi and St. Mary’s in October and again in Spring of 2019 and possibly join the children on the school’s new equipment!

A humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the poor, sick, and hungry. Currently serving 32+ countries worldwide. Join us in helping today.


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