Maryknoll Kindergarten

A Kindergarten for Impoverished Children

  • We bought a stovetop, cooking gas, and kitchenware and served good nutritious food to the children daily. On Fridays, we began to send home food for their families, many of whom often live with little or no food for days.
  • We clothed the children in hand-sewn uniforms and sturdy shoes. (They danced the first day with joy!) We provided plenty of socks and underwear too —luxuries here.
  • We took children to the doctor and bought medicines when they were ill, especially with malaria or worms, perhaps saving lives.
  • We helped one orphaned child to leave a tragic home life where she went for days without food, was routinely beaten, and forbidden to enroll in grade 1. She now lives in a good home environment, with Montessori schooling through grade 12.
  • We helped two other children without family members who could care for them to enroll in good, safe boarding schools for grades 1-12.
  • We brought our kindergarten mothers and skilled nurses together for a workshop on nutrition and childhood illnesses. Each parent opted to be tested for HIV/AIDS, and to have her child tested. AIDS is still a plague and taboo subject here in Tanzania.  Those children who tested positive may now receive all health care without charge from a first rate hospital here.
  • We provided salaries for our fine teacher’s aide and cook/janitor. With these salaries, these women support their families. They form a great team with me.
  • We hired a gifted, impoverished young artist to teach the children a few classes. When he became very ill, we funded his treatments.
  • We supplied the children with good learning materials, play equipment, and art supplies. Our children quickly became beautiful painters, book lovers, and puzzle assemblers.


Thanks to our donors, we were able to expand our kindergarten to 18 impoverished children in 2017, an increase of 50%.

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